Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Dick Clarks Censored Bloopers Video Slots

Dick Clark's Censored Bloopers Video Slots

I think Dick Clark has a record of some sort for the most and longest lasting variety of video slots on the casino floor. This entry has been around awhile and is still popular. Why? Well, it is an easy to play and understand game with a 9 line 45 coin max bet, perfect for nickels. Decent game, nothing too special but it contains all the elements we are comfortable with. No need to read the how to play screen here, a couple dozen spins and you will have the patterns down. 3 stars
In a "perfect" world nobody makes mistakes. But that's bore-ing! Thank goodness for the lighthearted fun we enjoy by being human - taking a pratfall and laughing at ourselves when we make " Bloopers ™!" Now, you can spin up a storm of laughs and surprises with a slot machine that captures some of life's most embarrassing moments: the Dick Clark’s Censored Bloopers ™ game, complete with game-action voiceovers by Dick Clark, plus amusing Blooper bonuses that reward you with bigger wins, and provide entertainment through a variety of hilarious antics and film clips.
Colorful custom reel symbols simply shout fun in this wacky 5-reel game. A variety of animated Blooper symbols act out comical situations like a bikini top coming undone, a man losing his shorts, a baby who can't wait for his diaper... and others that all bring a smile. When two or more Joy Buzzer Scatter symbols show up anywhere on the reels, the Scatter win is multiplied by total credits bet.
Catch three Cigar Scatter symbols and you are treated to the amusing Cigar™ bonus. The screen changes to a stage scene where five contestants line up, each ready to light a cigar. Following Dick Clark's instructions, and using the touchscreen, select one of the contestants. With a puff of smoke and a classic vaudeville bang - the cigar explodes and bonus win credits appear for the chosen contestant.
When three movie Clapboard symbols line up on an active payline, the Censored Bloopers™ bonus begins! An animated image of Dick Clark appears on stage next to a grid of 15 tiles. Each tile conceals a color-coded credit value, or a Wild animated multiplier that increases winnings by 2-, 3- or 5-times. Touching the screen reveals the hidden color and credit value, and when three green, blue or red tiles are revealed, bonus credits are tallied on the meter. Dick then introduces a riotous film clip featuring a slapstick - or censored - "Blooper" selected from the game's extensive library of surprises.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Carnival of Mystery

This new video slot if for the fans of the off kilter world of puppet people, bizarre antics, and generally a carnival of strange. It is a bit mesmerizing to play; first the symbols appear quite out there. Next, the game boasts a 243 different ways to win, believe me, playing cold gives you a lot to pay attention to. I guess I found the game interesting as I was consumed by what was to come next, and besides I was winning. I played at 25 line 2-credit spins for a $2.50 a spin. I did get some ugly small hits that had me ready to bail, especially with the non-hits mixed in. But every so often a 3 scatter would come by for 300 credits, or a weird hit, I can't explain it and did not read the pay table, Just trust me when those 243 winning combinations include a lot of bizarre wins. I had some fun discovering new ways, but for the life of me I could not figure out any tried and true patterns to the madness of the base game. Grudgingly, I am accepting these mega-line games. I guess seeing a nice 12,000 credit on one machine and a neighbor that cashed out fore over $100 on another, made me curious to give the game some spins.
The main event, the bonus game, you need 5, but they did come out 3 times in the two sessions I played, is pretty generous. Although it did not always seem that way, the actual individual bonus games seemed to pay low, but added up with multipliers, I netted close to or over $100 each bonus I played. You can get the extra bonus games and that seemed to happen on 2 of the rounds where I got to play all 3, one I did get 2 bonus games. The bonus rounds maintain that carnival feel. Check the game out play all2 5 lines, one credit if you must but the game is worth looking into and seems fun, especially for the more bizarrely entertained of us. 3 stars

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Carnival of Mystery® MultiWay® Video Slots

Mystery and enchantment will delight you as you travel through this rich carnival of characters. Bonuses filled with jesters, puppets and magical floating spheres will hold you in suspense. This 5-reel game includes our new MultiWay™ wagering feature: letting you buy reel positions instead of lines creates more ways to win!
Available as:

Game King - Enhanced Video Slots
5-Reel, 243-Way
Max Bet
Top Award


Perfect for Pennies


Top Glass

Bottom Glass

Mystery and enchantment will delight you as you travel through this rich carnival of characters. Bonuses filled with jesters, puppets and magical floating spheres will hold you in suspense. This 5-reel game includes our new MultiWay™ wagering feature: letting you buy reel positions instead of lines creates more ways to win!
Jesters Games Bonus

Five Jesters Games symbols in any winning combination triggers this bonus. Touch a circular box to start one of three sub-bonuses.

Floating Balls Sub-Bonus

Three balls open up to reveal a credit value, then spin to change positions. Select a ball. In addition to credits, a ticket to another sub-bonus may be awarded.

Evade the Jester Sub-Bonus

Select from a large grid of tiles which reveal credit values, and possibly a ticket to another sub-bonus. Continue to select tiles until a jester appears, which ends the bonus round.

Puppet Sub-Bonus

Select two or three puppets. Each puppet reveals a 1-digit credit value, along with a possible ticket to another sub-bonus.

Top Reel Award

Five Carnival of Mystery™ symbols in any position from left to right, with max bet, wins the top award

Sunday, December 25, 2005


Triple Stars is a decent game with the simple 8 line format. While it is a video slot, it is based on reel style symbols. Not too hard to figure out, the base game lines are straight paylines and diaganol. The bonus is a bit tough to come by, but you can have some extended play time on this game as the hits come around often. 2 1/2 stars.
The fun spinning reel you love is now available in a video slot version - with some exciting new bonus game features.
Game Play Features

3 reels in a 5- or 9-line version
Scatter pays and bonus game

Catch A Falling Star Bonus


Initiated by three Catch A Falling Star symbols on a played line
Select one of the three bonus symbols to reveal the number of picks they receive
Select from three levels of bonus stars, starting with the top level
The selected stars reveal a credit amount or a "falling star" which advances players to the next level where the bonus credit amounts are higher
Bonus game ends when the number of picks reaches zero or when players make it to the third level

Top Reel Award

Three Triple Stars™ symbols on a played line with max bet

Friday, December 23, 2005

Wild Bear

The original Wild Bear video slot machine has basically been replaced by the Wild Bear Salmon Run version. This early game has some of the base imgaes and design down, but in retrospect falls short of the excitement of the newest version. If you still find the game around, give it a few spins for nostalgia sake, but you are likely to enjoy Salmon Run more, but that's not to say you may not win bigger on the old version. 2 1/2 stars.
Chase after grizzlies with Wild Bear®!
This game brings the denizens of the forest into your casino for a naturally fun game.
When you press the Spin Reels button, deer, raccoons, wolves, hawks and bears take over the woods along with poker symbols (nine through ace). Country music accompanies the reel spin action, adding to the woodland appeal of this game.
When the reels stop, all winning symbol combinations are boxed and highlighted, making it easy to see what you’ve won. All pays are left-to right, except when two or more hawk symbols come in for a landing in any positionto award a scatter pay. The bear symbol is truly "wild," substituting for all symbols.
This 5-reel, 15-line, 75-coin maximum bet, video spinning reel nickel game is easy to play and has the best in graphics and sound.
You'll have a naturally good time playing the Wild Bear® game!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Sea Monkeys

Sea Monkeys is a new-involved mega-line slot game from IGT. The game is available in 25-line versions with a 200 max credit in penny form, or in a multi-denominational format, penny, 2 cents, and nickels. The game features the bizarre little back of the comic book ads critters and their equally bizarrely looking family and friends. The graphics aside, the game can be quite entertaining and quite frustrating. The base game seems to provide some decent play; my initial sessions were at 25 lines 2 credits per line in nickels. The game held on for a well played 15 minutes where the credits that started at 2000, hovered around the range give a few hundred above and take a few hundred away. Finally, after nearing the 1500 range the bonus game appeared. This is one involved bonus, you select a ticket and get started on some free spins. The spins are rather cheap on credits, but don't worry, you can hope for another ticket and end up with a multiplier or additional free spins. The tickets come up often during the free spins, the issue is that even with a hefty multiplier and a decent number of spins remaining, one seems to get sparse hits from the second string of weird characters. You will also accumulate some diamonds if lucky, these are collected and then played after the spin bonus is completed, another screen appears and you select random diamonds for your reward credits. There is some range in the hidden values of the diamonds, I saw from a couple hundred credits to ones worth several thousands.
Definitely a game to explore, be it in pennies or nickels, it is an adventure with a huge potential in the bonus game, but beware that same bonus may contain a lot of ups and downs and end in a rather small win. 3 stars.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Kingpin Bowling Video Slots

Kingpin Bowling Video Slots
I have not played this video slot too much but it is readily available in penny and nickels in Atlantic City casinos. Trump Taj Mahal has many of the games. It features some nice artwork and a decent bonus game.The hit frequency was decent but I did not get the bonus too often. I would suggest playing max lines at 1 or 2 credits per line to get a feel for the game, and possibly a better ratio of bonus games. 3 stars.

Take a trip down to the old home alley for the fun “reel” bowling of the 5-reel, 25-line Kingpin Bowling Video Reel Slots game. With comic 3-D “Turkey” animation and the challenge of wobbly split, spare, strike bonus game play, crowds in embroidered polyester and two-tones will be lining up to enjoy a frame or two.
Available as:

Game King - Video Slots
5-Reel, 25-Line
Max Bet
Top Award



Top Glass

Bottom Glass
Take a trip down to the ol’ home alley for the fun “reel” bowling of the 5-reel, 25-line Kingpin Bowling™ Video Reel Slots game. With comic 3-D “Turkey” animation and the challenge of wobbly split, spare, strike bonus game play, crowds in embroidered polyester and two-tones will be lining up to enjoy a frame or two.

* Game Play Features Base game play features 5-reel, 25-line action
* Fruit-flavored bowling ball symbols, a rock’a’billy soundtrack, and three lanes of bonus game play
* 20 coins per line wager for a 500 coin max bet

* Scatter Pay When 2 or more dynamic “king pin of the reels” Turkey symbols land on reels 2, 3, and 4 become sets of pins at the end of a bowling lane, up to 5 times the wager is paid for the each strike rolled down the reels

* Trophy Challenge™ Bonus Initiated when three animated bowling trophy figurine symbols land on reels 2, 3, and 4 of a played line
* Press the left, center, or right on-screen Bowl button to roll ten full frames at the “King Pin Alley” for a score that pays
* Each frame allows 2 attempts to knock down pins with the number of pins knocked down awarded unless a spare or strike is bowled
* Spares and strikes are scored just like a real bowling card:
o 10 pins plus the next roll for a spare, 10 plus the next two rolls for a strike
o Bowling a strike or spare in the 10th frame awards a third throw
o Points are paid for the sum of all 10 frames times bonus multipliers awarded for consecutive strikes

* Gobble Wobble™ Bonus Initiated when three tipsy gobbler symbols land on reels 1, 2, and three of a played line
* Pick one pin from an 8-by-5 grid of pins to start it wobbling
* Each pin that wobbles over, starting other pins teetering, pays up to 125 times the line bet times the number of initiating lines

* Top Award Land five wild Kingpin Bowling™ game symbols, with max bet, for a top awards of up to 14,316,764 credits

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Party Time! Mystery Progressives

Coming soon to Atlantic city
Party Time! Mystery Progressives
All (5-Reel)
Available Games - Recent Releases

* Mystical Mermaid Party™ Enhanced Video Slots
* Penny Party™ Slots
* Seven Times Pay Party™ Slots
* It's My Party™ Enhanced Video Slots
* Party Fantastico™ Enhanced Video Slots
* Trailer Park Party™ Enhanced Video Slots

This six-level mystery progressive has all the hottest features your players desire: a free spin bonus and frequent mid-level progressive wins! What’s more, it’s Perfect for Pennies™. We’re also featuring Tipsy, our lucky animated elephant, on the LCD monitors as well as dazzling signage and enhanced game play to entice your players. Party on!
Macromedia Flash Player version 7,
or later, required to view video.
Get Macromedia Flash Player
Game Features

* Available on our Game King®, Reel Touch™, and S2000™ platforms.
* Offers operator-selectable, single-denomination versions that you can match to your players’ preferences.
* Greater bets increase likelihood of winning the Party Time! progressive, encouraging higher wagers.
* Progressive is linked to a robust variety of IGT games on the Party Time! in-house link system.
* The Party Time! library allows for mixed or independent theme game banks.
* Linked, multi-progressive game play with the IGT Progressive Controller can handle up to 63 games at once, and offers a selection of payback percentages and reset amounts.
* Eye-catching top box with 19” flat screen LCD monitors displays six progressive jackpot levels.
* The Party Time! mode features the hit song, "Let’s Get This Party Started."
* Our animated character, Tipsy the lucky elephant, is featured on the game top box as well as the overhead 40” LCD monitor for packaged game banks.

Game Play

* Features Party Time! mystery bonusing – free spins bonus and six progressive jackpots provide added wagering incentive.
* When the progressive is triggered, the player is awarded 10 free spins, which play automatically on a 3 x 5 grid of independently spinning reels.
* Additional free spins can be won during bonus game play.
* Players can achieve levels with a chance of advancing to successive levels.
* Successive jackpots create player anticipation as they move through six levels.
* Bells ring when a player enters the Party Time! progressive, plus multi-media signage is synchronized to bonus events.

Sign packages may vary.
Packaged Game Banks

* Dynamic sign package features 40” LCD monitor in center display, surrounded by eye-catching graphics
* Multi-media signage is synchronized to bonus events, such as optional lights that signal when in bonus mode
* Package includes distinctive Party Time!® seatbacks

Features and Benefits

* Ready for the EZ Pay® Ticket System
* Player-tracking ready
* National and regional advertising support

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Rakin It In

Rakin’ It In

* Five-reel video slot available in 9 line, 9/18/27/45/90/180 coin versions

* Five-reel video slot available in 15 line, 15/30/45/60/75/150/300 coin versions

* Five-reel video slot available in 20 line, 20/40/100/180/200/400 coin versions

* Built on CPU-NX technology
Rakin It In
Who ever said money doesn’t grow on trees? Players will be rakin in the money and volunteering to do the yard work with the Rakin’ It In video slot game!
When the player lands three Money Tree symbols on an active pay line, they will advance to the Money Tree Bonus. The scene displays a man and his dog working in the yard, raking leaves under the magic tree. This tree is special because it can grow coins, bills, sacks of money, and safes filled with money. The player begins by touching the money on the tree. When the money has been touched, it falls to the ground and is replaced by a credit amount.
When the Money Tree bonus is first activated, the tree is full of nothing but coins. If the player selects a coin and a squirrel appears, the squirrel snaps his fingers and all of the coins change to bills, which are worth more credits. The player continues choosing bills, and if they find another squirrel, the bills change to moneybags worth even more credits. If the player can find the squirrel one more time, the moneybags are transformed into safes worth six to 10 times the total bet!
Sometimes when choosing money, the player will select an owl. Whenever the owl appears, he steals the selected item and takes it back into the tree and may remove additional pieces of money from the tree on his way. The bonus ends when there is no more money on the tree.
When three Sapling symbols land on an active pay line, the player will be launched into the Plant a Money Tree Bonus. During this bonus, the player selects one of three characters to plant a magic seed and grow a small money tree. When the character plants the seed, a money tree begins to grow and drops leaves worth credit awards. The players character zooms across the screen collecting the leaves with a power leaf collector. The player is awarded the sum of the values of all the leaves on the tree. At times, the tree grows a magic seed that plants itself in the ground, and an additional tree grows money. The player is then awarded the value of both trees. Up to three different trees can be grown in this bonus round!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Party train was an early video slot game from the people who have brought us the line of monopoly games. The monopoly line has grown tremendously, there is even a progressive set of penny machines out there now, as well as some casino software programs for play at home on your computer. These cd software discs have several slot style games not available to play for money, but regardless are decent efforts, much more fun than some of the games presently on the casino floor.
it is unlikely to find monopoly party train on the casino floor in Atlantic City at this time. Probably not in Las Vegas either as these machines are not around much. Possibly the tribal casinos are a place they would still be found, I did see some Monopoly games in the Hard Rock at Seminole last winter. The base game was a nice nickel 9 line 5 coin max bet that was the norm at the time, pre-pennies and pre 25 to 50 line cash cows. The usual symbols were all present and the game was a decent play. I feel most of the early Monopoly games, even in nickels, had a payback range around 90%, slightly higher than what we find many nickel and penny games paying today. The bonus games were typical of the Monopoly line, one needed to pick a railroad tunnel, a train would venture around the and you would end up with dice throws to land your token on corresponding spots at one of the 40 spaces.
I still miss the Monopoly games from the past, i guess in Atlantic City it just felt right sitting along the Boardwalk and playing the games. I give this oldie a 3 star rating.

Monday, December 12, 2005


KABOOM is a relatively recent video slot machine that adds a new twist to the spin mode of these ever increasingly complex games. The hook here is the falling or cascading of symbols onto the reels as opposed to the traditional spinning of set symbols. Here, each time you hit the play button, a continuous array of the games firecracker theme symbols fall out of the sky onto the screen. What happens next is the twist; when winning combinations occur, they disappear and are replaced by new symbols. The other symbols fall below. This can continue until a non-winning combination is on the screen. In reality, you may get 2 or possibly 3 wins in a row, however they are not always big wins. In fact the base game is steadfast with below average bet "wins", in fact you will often need two "wins" just to recoup your initial bet or to actually show an increase in credits. The game can get fun and interesting when you have a double hit or one that involves 4 or 5 symbols hit and you see half the screen symbols disappear. You cross your fingers and hope some nice wild symbols fall into place in strategic slots/ The bonus games are hard to come by, but when they do you can heap some hefty rewards. Generally, the games seem to pay in a steady range, no real loser bonus rounds here, but you are going to find a more steady range for the wins. Although possible, it is more realistic to accept the mid-range bonus credits and have extended play time and hope to rack up the credits with a few well placed hits. Not a game to look for a big ($100 or more) profit on a short session, but good for some smaller cash outs like $20-$40. 3 cherries.

numbers. #

KABOOM 5 reel 20 lineA new twist has been added to the exciting five-reel video game, Kaboom In place of traditional reel spins, the symbols drop down into the reels from above. The 1st reel drops first, then the 2nd, and so on until all 5 reels have dropped the symbols. Once the symbols have dropped, all winning combinations are highlighted and paid as normal. Then the added feature kicks in! Each symbol that takes part in a winning combination disappears, and the symbols above them drop down to take their place. New symbols drop onto the screen to fill any gaps. If any new winning combinations are formed because of this shift, they are banged-up into the pay meter and awarded to the player. This process continues as long as the drop-down symbols create winning combinations!
Winning combinations of 3 or more Bonus symbols on an active payline blast the player into the Grand Finale Bonus. This bonus awards at least 7 free spins plus the opportunity to win additional spins. During the free spins, skyrocket symbols pay as scatter and explode with full screen firework animation.
Winning combinations of the Skyrocket symbol also add additional free spins.

Sunday, December 11, 2005


Reel in has now achieved the classic video slot machine status. I guess when your game is released in a classic edition, that is an automatic qualification. While in my mind, that does not mean it is a classic game, in the mind of the slot planners, it is because the game that disappeared off the floor, mainly due to a switchover to the ticket in-ticket out design, has now rejoined the other slots in circulation. Games like Instant Winner, Jackpot Party, Money to Burn have all resurfaced as new classic editions. Besides the TITO addition, sadly they have also experienced some changes for the worse. That being, they are now available in the penny mode, which likely means a much lower payback percentage; also the lines and bet per line are increased, as is the profit for each machine. Ok, the bad stuff out of the way, the purists will miss the clunky old noises associated with the older machines. The new designs on the classic games are smooth, sharp, and quick. The game itself has remained the same; the graphics may have slight changes, which are actually improvements. The base game is also the same as the original. Reel em in is based naturally on day fishing. The symbols are all associated with the sport and the main thing you want to appear is the 3 same lures that will take you to the great big bonus round lake. The game gets interesting there and you can expect anything. I have not played much on the newer versions of the game, but I do recall how the variance in the bonus game would be huge. Some bonus rounds were set to pay the minimal, while at times one could get advanced to a new screen and bigger lake and really bring home some credits. The game is fun and can be profitable. It does seem that the newer versions have a smaller payback as I now find it harder to nail a 5 of a kind payline, but the bonus game is still fun and beats the heck out of a day at work. 3 cherries.
Reel 'em In Classic

* Five reel video slot available in 9 line, 9/18/27/45/90/180 coin versions

* Built on CPU-NXT™ technology
Players have been casting their lines and trying to catch the big one in the 5-reel, 9-line Reel 'Em In® slot game for years now, and they will keep trying with Reel 'Em In ClassicT! The game everyone fell in love with is reprised in this Classic format, with enhanced sound and graphics for an even better fishing experience. Players will be reeling in the credits with this classic game!
When 3, 4, or 5 of the same Lure symbols land scattered on adjacent reels the Reel 'Em In bonus begins. Players are prompted to choose one of five fishermen to fish for big bonus credit awards. The fisherman casts his line and reels in his catch, and the player wins bonus credits! The bigger the fish, the bigger the award, and the player is also paid the scatter win that initiated the bonus round.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Saturday Night Live slots!

The Saturday night live slot games came out a few years ago with a lot of press and hype. In Atlantic City, it seemed that the Borgota had almost an exclusive on many of the games. I did see the 3 reel traditional games in other Atlantic city casinos, but i can't remember the 9 line and 15 line video slot SNL games being anywhere but at the Borgota. i did play the several versions of the games and they were really just so so. After the novelty of hearing the church lady catch phrases as supplied by Dana Carvey, it meant having the base game and bonus rounds left to get you interested. Well, the base game seemed to have a really "special" low payback and hit frequency that made getting to the bonus rounds very rare and very costly. I never won much on the base games and always seemed to chase the bonus rounds by putting in way too much that i would never get back even with a decent bonus. These were what I would call the old school bonus rounds where you would get a set amount depending on your initial credits bet, but do not expect a miniscule or a megabonus round as it always feel in the safe but ultimately boring range. 2 stars

Saturday Night Live slots!

When the NBC studio announcer first intoned the now familiar phrase, "Live from New York - It's Saturday Night!" nearly 30 years ago, little did anyone know that a major cultural icon was being born. Since that first broadcast from NBC's venerable Studio 8H at Rockefeller Center on Oct. 11, 1975, the groundbreaking late-night television show with the quirky, hip and irreverent attitude has become a social phenomenon, winning 17 Emmy Awards and the prestigious Peabody Award for broadcast excellence. "SNL" as it is commonly known, has also been inducted into the Television Hall of Fame.

Watched by millions across the country and around the world, SNL continues to garner the highest ratings of any light-night TV program, placing seventh on "Entertainment Weekly's" list of 100 top entertainers in the past 50 years. From such now-familiar catch phrases as "Never mind," "Well, isn't that special," "That's the ticket" and "Consume mass quantities" to its zany cast of memorable characters, like Emily Litella, the Church Lady, Ed Grimley, Father Guido Sarducci, Roseanne Rosannadanna, the Blues Brothers, Hans & Franz and The Liar - to name but a few - SNL continues to maintain its global monopoly on hilarity. No wonder the New York Times calls the show "a national institution."

Now, Bally Gaming and Systems, a leading manufacturer and distributor of advanced gaming devices worldwide, proudly introduces a new series of hysterically funny reel-spinning and video slots based on this remarkable, breakthrough television show.

All SATURDAYNIGHTLIVE games can be linked to a quick-hitting progressive with a starting value of $10,000.
SNL - Church Lady (15-line version)

The new Church Lady EVO VIDEO offers a variety of heavenly rewards with two hilarious interactive second-screen bonus features.

“Canned Ham” Bonus Round
Three Canned Ham bonus feature symbols appearing in any position on reels two, three and four trigger the Canned Ham bonus. Players touch the screen to choose from three “dancing” canned hams, revealing a bonus award.

“Church Chat” Bonus Round
Three adjacent “Church Chat” symbols from left to right on an active payline award the three-tiered Church Chat bonus feature. A stained-glass church window appears on the screen and the player is prompted to select from a row of multi-colored diamond-shaped tiles. The selected tile reveals a bonus value, a “Satan” symbol, portrayed by the “devilish” Jon Lovitz, that removes all remaining diamond shaped tiles in that color from play or an “angel” symbol that awards the sum of the remaining bonus values in that color. Diamond-shaped tiles are selected until all colors have either been revealed or removed from play. In the second level of this three-tiered bonus, the player selects one of five circular-shaped tiles. If a “Satan” symbol is revealed, the player receives a 2X bonus multiplier. If a “clover” is revealed, the player selects one of three clover-shaped tiles from the stained-glass window for the final bonus multiplier that ranges from 3X to 10X.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Who Dunnit?


Who Dunnit?
Who Dunnit?
The mystery game is about gone from most of the Atlantic City casinos. Another fun video slot that was a good play at the nickel, well not the 90 coin version but you could hit the 45 coin button and have some nice payouts.
In this video slot game the player becomes the detective as he spins the reels, solves the crime and answers the question, Who Dunnit?
This classic 1940’s detective style game features reel symbols that look like stained glass and include fruit, detective badges and police cars. Line up three detective or sidekick symbols (or any mix of three), and the bonus round begins. A table of eight 3-D characters will appear and an item of great value sits in the center of the table. With a clap of thunder the room goes black; when the lights come on the item is gone! It's been stolen! The player is now the detective and must solve the crime and find the thief! Players will keep choosing characters until the correct one is chosen. The sooner the player finds the thief, the higher the reward! Lots of things can turn up while solving the crime, like pick pockets, accomplices and a trip to the thief's hideout.The game is a five reel video slot with 9 payline available in 9, 18, 45 and 90 coin versions. 3 cherries

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Another fine game from the Monoploy line that has been removed from the casino floor. am still waiting for the whole line of Monopoly video slots to be available in a theme room of a casino. Check the archives for the past review.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


American Reels is a relatively new video slot machine. I have recently played it in the House of Blues section of the Showboat casino in Atlantic City. The game is found in multi-denominations with penny, 2 cent and nickel being the version I played. I did not have an extensive session on the machine, but it appeared to be a decent game that is worth a few twenty dollar bills. There was some decent hits and a better hit frequency than some machines I have played in the past. The game is fast and features the usual all American symbols like apple pie, baseball and other patriotic emblems of the USA. I would recommend trying it out in nickels with a 1 or 2 coin bet per max lines. I am not sure but this appears to be one of those games that will likely be in different variations concerning number of lines and max coins per bet. 2 1/2 cherries - 3 cherries, I need more play for an update.
How to play: AMERICAN REELS explodes with good old American red, white, and blue graphics and exciting sounds to play on those wonderful feelings of liberty and freedom that Americans are so lucky to enjoy. 3 or more star symbols trigger the exciting bonus and award a number of free spins! The number of free spins the player wins correlates with the number of stars that triggered the bonus round. The star app
earing on the farthest right reel in the triggering combination will color cycle between white, blue, red, and gold to determine the player’s multiplier during the bonus spins. This bonus round can bere-triggered for additional free spins, with even higher multipliers!

Monday, December 05, 2005


Life of Luxury is still found in a few spots but it has either been removed or switched and replaced by the second version, Life of Luxury II: The Best Things in Life are Free. I have played the game up in Monticello last summer, so I guess the Tribal casinos are still carrying the game. I noticed many games in Tribal gaming areas that are no longer to be found in Atlantic City are coming in new and in good numbers.The original Life of Luxury game was a 9 line 5 coin game, but I guess you will find it in penny, nickel and dime versions and some may now have added lines. The 45 coin max bet game was or is a lot of fun and one can have a good run on a decent machine with a reasonable payback percentage. The main bonus occurs when the player can get 3 gold coins scattered around the screen, 2 coins pays the scatter pay, double your original bet amount. This is one of the first games to have the free spin modes, I wonder what game it was that actually was the first to offer the free spin bonus, not counting the wheel of Fortune games, but where you had the 10 or 15 spins? The base game can go either way, it seems to stay consistent when not paying, but every now and again it will offer some generous base game hits of a few hundred credits. It is tough to play the game with max credits bet, I find that staying at 18 or 27 increases the chance of getting to the bonus, which is not an easy task on these games. Overall, I always felt that when playing in a tribal gaming area, the bonus games are much less frequent, and hardly ever come back to back or close to back to back. Hence, my advise is to cash out immediately when the bonus round occurs at these destinations, whether good or bad and move on to another machine. 3 cherries.

Life of Luxury (5 Reel 20 Line)

©2005 WMS Gaming, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Used by permission.

5 Reel 20 Line
100 or 200 Credit Max Bet

$ .01, $ .05

60,000 Credits

88% - 95%

- Game features a wild "Diamond" symbol which substitutes for any symbol except the "Gold Coins."

- Three or more Gold Coins on an active payline trigger the 10 Free Games Triple Play Bonus.

- During these free games all winns are TRIPLED (except five diamonds).